«Palo Alto Networks»

"Smart Communications LLC" in 2015 received the status of authorized partner of «Palo Alto Networks»

The American company Palo Alto Networks, headquartered in Santa Clara (California), founded in 2005 and is a pioneer approach for the next generation of network security. The innovative network security platform which is the core of next generation firewall, based on the unique technology developed by PA Networks App-ID, provides network security at the application level, users and content using both physical and virtual architecture. PAN network security solutions meet the highest requirements for network security, both in performance and functionality, and are the absolute leaders in the industry, which is confirmed by reports of Gartner (http://connect.paloaltonetworks.com/gartner-mq), the number of users (77 750 in 100 countries) and the increasing volume of sales (10 times in the last 2 years).

Palo Alto Networks has offices in 17 countries, including Australia, Europe, Asia, Middle East, China and Japan.