SC-472019 / B (4CH HDD 720P AHD MDVR)


1) 4CH 720P Video Recording

2) With 3G / 4G / GPS / WIFI / G-sensor / Signal / intercom / immobilizer

3) Pre-allocation of the file system, data integrity protection,

prevention of fragments of the SD card, ensuring stability and completeness of data

4) 8-36V wide voltage with low power consumption

5) Unique UPS technology ensures recording integrity in the event of a power failure even for 8-10 s.

6) HDD + SD Card (Makc. 2TB 2.5 ”SATA HDD, makc 128 GB high-speed SD card)

7) Support USB port, data backup, and device upgrade

8) Support hard disk heating, the ability to work in harsh conditions

9) Support GPS / BD / G-sensor, expansion module

10) Real-time video broadcasting using 3G / 4G

11) Support connect to OBD for vehicles.

12) Support broadcast / intercom / text sending, etc. you can add the oil sensor,

temperature sensor, OSD / LED / advertising panel / people counter

13) VPN support